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When it comes to inspiration my favorite place to search is Instagram which might reflect the large number of people I follow. My favorite feature that I’m currently obsessed with is the save posts. I daily save about 20 photos I find inspiring. But with this feature, I no longer have to take a screenshot of the posts I like. The great thing is that people can’t see what you save… but I thought I’d share some of my saved posts with you. You might find them just as inspiring as I do. Btw are you already using this save posts feature?


Når det kommer til inspiration, er mit foretrukne sted Instagram, som man måske kan se på det store antal personer jeg følger. Min favorit feature jeg i øjeblikket er helt besat af, er gem posts. Jeg gemmer dagligt ca. 20 billeder, som jeg synes er inspirerende. Men med den her feature behøver jeg ikke længere at tage et screenshot af de posts jeg kan lide. Det fede er at folk ikke kan se, hvad man gemmer… men jeg synes nu alligevel at jeg ville dele nogle af mine gemte posts med jer. Måske de kan inspirere jer. Btw bruger i den her feature med at gemme posts allerede?


4 responses to “#SAVED”

  1. What great inspo, Girl! Love those accounts too and yours, of Course!

    xx Sarah-Allegra

  2. Cecilie Krog says:

    I'm so happy you like it dear! And thanks for those sweet words <3

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