When it comes to skincare it’s not only the French who knows what’s best!
I recently got a few products from the Korean brand Dear, Klairs. They’re known for respecting the environment and have healthy values regarding the earth. Their products contain no colorants, no alcohol, no parabens and no fragrances, which is absolutely perfect if you have sensitive skin like me. I’m truly obsessed with this brand and even though I’ve only used it for a short time, my skin has never felt or looked this good. It’s a definitely a brand worth checking out!
Når det kommer til hudpleje, er det ikke kun franskmændene der ved, hvad der er bedst!
Jeg har for nylig fået nogle produkter fra det koreanske mærke Dear, Klairs. De er kendt for at respektere miljøet og have sunde værdier for jorden. Deres produkter indeholder ingen farvestoffer, ingen alkohol, ingen parabener og ingen perfume, hvilket er helt perfekt, hvis du har følsom hud, som mig. Jeg er HELT vild med mærket og selvom jeg kun har brugt det i kort tid, har min hud aldrig følt eller set så godt ud. Det er absolut et mærke der er værd at tjekke ud!


“My skin has never felt this good”


Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop

It’s filled with pure vitamin C which energizes and rejuvenates your skin. I use a drop each morning and evening after I’ve cleansed my face, and sometimes I like to mix it into my day creme.
Midnight Blue Calming Sheet Mask
I’m a huge fan of sheet mask and this one is an anti-inflammatory and cooling care sheet mask which is perfect after a long day in the sun.
Midnight Blue Calming Cream
Is another great product for calming and soothing your skin. I’m definitely bringing this one with me to Turkey to give my skin a little extra care after a day in the sun.
Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil
Even though I’m pretty obsessed with all of the products. The deep cleansing oil must be my all time favorite! After I’ve started using it my skin looks and feels amazing which is something entirely new feeling for me. I’ve always had pretty rough skin on my checks which have bothered me a lot but now it feels so smooth!
Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish
Is such a great facial scrub and it’s actually perfect if you pair it together with the deep cleansing oil. So instead of using water for the scrub start by cleansing your face with the oil and before rinsing it out, take an amount of the scrub and start to massage the scrub into the oil. (That’s my favorite combo – your skin will look and feel amazing!)

Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream

I’ve also tried their Blemish creme which is the perfect everyday BB creme. It blends so well into your skin and gives a really natural and translucent finish.

Creamy & Natural Fit Concealer

The last product I’ve tried is their concealer. It’s also a perfect everyday concealer that gives a great coverage for both darkness, redness and large pores.






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